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I miss you daddy

He’ll never hold my hand again.

He’ll never hold me in his arms again.

I’ll never hear his voice over the phone again.

I’ll never see his worried face when I came home late again.

I know that after a while I‘ll feel better than now.

Not because I accepted his absence, as he’s always there with me.

But I’ll get used to the pain.

Rest in peace daddy.

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They think that when I say “I’m all right”, that I am

They think that when I stop crying, that I forget

Well, nothing is all right. Nothing will never stop the pain inside.

Nothing will be the same again.

He died and nothing will change that.

He left our world, left me alone.

But I can remember his sweet smile.

I can see his comforting eyes.

I can still feel his arms around me, even if he is not here anymore.

Sometimes I talk to him and I know that no response will be received

but still I need his reassuring.

I love you daddy more than words can say

You will always be in my heart no matter where you are

and no matter how old I am, I will always be your little princess.