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Do not Stop Your Life!!!

Is marriage a choice?
A serious dilemma that most of the people suffer from.

Young girls had grown up on the fact that after they finish their studies, majors or whatever path of education they chose, eventually, the next step would be finding the right man – if they did not think about that during their educational phase. Why? did anyone ask herself before?

Well, since ancient times, girls had to know how to deal with a household, raise kids, have a decent education – in order to teach her children, not for herself, play piano, do some knitting…etc. If we think about that thoroughly, we can find that all of that stuff was not for her pleasure or kind of a hobby. That was for her own good to have the best qualifications to find the right man to settle down – and if you think about it it is not settling down at all 🙂 yeah girls, unfortunately, we are raised to reach that target.

In our present days, we can find that girls started to exclude that target from their own agenda. Why? Girls, in our century, started to question the purpose of this target, does it worth it to waste all their educations and lives to serve a man – no matter how right he was- for the rest of her life.

If you started to think that I am an anti-marriage girl, well, think again. As I said before, girls always in a pursuit for the right man – it is in our blood- but I do not stop my life or wait for him doing nothing at all. I do not fall in depression if he never comes or if other girls get married. Well, my life would go naturally and if the right man crosses my way, I would get married and then I would be convinced that I am doing the right step. But if not, I would not compare my life with others and living feeling sorry for myself.

Yes, it is a choice that we make. We take the decision of marriage or not, it is our own choice, even if we think that it is obligatory, it is not. If you have decided that your career is important now and you should focus on it and disregard all those who come your way… it is your own choice. Do not regret it later, as you had a different target that of another girl who did not think but of the right man who will make her live happily ever after. 😦

Life goes on. It does not stop for anyone or anything. Do not stop your life for any kind of unreached target. Live your life to the full, play piano, read often, knit something, cook… do whatever you please but do it for yourself not to please others or to get qualified for so-called a better life. You do not know what exactly is better for you.