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Afraid to hope (2012)

Entrapped inside of myself, can’t find the way out

Darkness surrounds me and pulls me to the ground

Is there an exit or I am just fouling myself around

Loneliness chains around me are unbreakable

I am trying here but they are unshakable

Darkness all over me even when my eyes are open

Turning me to a silent statue that is cold and frozen

Creeping around to find a salvation

Closing my eyes to reach a destination

I saw a gleam of light and it was outstanding

There I saw the sea, waves are everlasting

I stand there afraid to touch them with my feet

While inside I wanted to feel complete

Afraid to hope, I opened my eyes rapidly

Darkness was there, still wraps me slightly

Choice was all mine, do I dare to break the chain

Would I fight my loneliness and not be in pain

Fumbling for the chain I found it broken

Was not it that hard?  I felt awoken

Touching the walls, trying hard to find the door

When it was found, I heard the music of the shore

I grabbed the handle and open it

There was the sea waiting for me

Is it hope or another misery!!

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.” -Nelson Mandela